Games and Sports

Games and Sports are an integral part of any programs devised for the all round progress of the students . The school has an excellent tradition of producing outstanding sports person. Taking Advantage of the natural surroundings adventure sports, Football, Cricket Volley ball, Chess, Basket ball are given full promotion and sports facilities are available. The school organizes Inter-school Competitions to raise the standard of performance. Yoga classes and morning PT drills are conducted in order to keep the students active, energetic and healthy the whole -day long. Sports and games are compulsory for all the students and the dress prescribed by the school should be worn for all the sports events. The service of expert teachers and coaches are made available to impart good training to students in the above activities.


  • Participated in 15th cadet Boys and Girls championship held at Cuttack (Odisha) in 2018.
  • Runner Up Trophy in International Football tournament concord 2019 held at CMS Lucknow.
  • Runner Up Trophy in 4th CBSEWSO National Subroto Mukherjee under 17 girls football championship(2019-1020)
  • Participated  in 4th CBSEWSO National Subroto Mukherjee U-14  and U-17 boys football championship(2019-1020)
  • Gold, silver and bronze medal in 2nd UK state U-12,U-14,&U-17 boys and girls fencing championship